My name is James Moran and I use astrology to help answer the unanswered questions of those seeking to understand their life’s unfolding, so that they can move forward in wholeness and fulfillment.

Have you experienced a profound shift in your life? Are you aching for a deeper understanding of your life’s unfolding? Are you looking for guidance?

From a very young age I made this search for understanding my life’s mission. I spent over 10,000 hours meditating and 10,000 hours practicing yoga, and yet it wasn’t until I discovered astrology that I was really able to make sense of the shape of my life. Now I’d like to share that same joy and clarity with you, for you to experience.

Each of us was born with a map to our unique path in life. This map is called your astrological birth chart. I am the tour guide who is familiar with the terrain called your birth chart and can point you toward your true potential and fulfillment.

Please contact me here if you would like to know more.

I look forward to meeting you!