Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I book an astrology reading with James?

It's easy! Click on the form below to schedule your reading.

What is astrology?

In nature the big picture and the little picture reflect each other. The veins of a river seen from space resemble the veins on the back of a leaf. The smallest characteristic of your physical body, your DNA, is a reflection of your body as a whole. Astrology works along the same principle. At the moment when you are born the big picture, the sky, is a reflection of your psyche and your life.

Astrology has been utilized for thousands of years, far longer than most therapies available today. An astrology reading is a catalyst for practical change in your life. Current developments in astrology have increased its speed and efficacy to the point where after one astrology reading you can begin a process of: foreseeing events and the rhythm of their unfolding in order to maximize your time ahead, turning your weaknesses into strengths, and discovering your true nature at its deepest.

Does James conduct readings in person, over the phone, or by Skype?

James is happy to conduct readings in person where convenient. Otherwise he conducts most of his readings over Skype or Zoom. A reading over the phone is also possible. Although Skype or Zoom is preferable because James can share his screen with you and show you the charts he is reading as he is reading them.

What is the format of his readings?

The format can be just about whatever you would like it to be. Your questions, concerns, curiosities will play a part in guiding the session. After all, the session is yours. Generally James does two things: he gives insights about your life as a whole, and about events upcoming during a window of your choosing, for instance now through the next year. This is done through two astrology charts James will read, called the birth chart (or natal chart) and a transit chart.

What if I don't have my exact time of birth?

The school of astrology James is most versed in is called archetypal astrology. In this school we don't need the exact time of birth in order to engage in an insightful reading. If you have your exact time of birth we can access even more insights, but if you don't have it, don't worry; we'll still have plenty to talk about.

Can I ask James specific questions?

Yes, you can. James encourages questions, but they are not compulsory. If you would like him to simply talk about what he sees, that is fine too. You are welcome to ask questions during the reading itself, if they come up. If you would like to ask questions before the reading there is a prompt for your questions on the intake form that you will see when scheduling your reading below.

Further questions?

If you have further questions you can also read the testimonials page, check out Wisdom, or contact James here.