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How to Break Your Addiction to Your Phone Without Giving Up Technology

Did you know that your nervous system has different gears, and that it can get stuck in one gear? Do you too often find yourself staring at the screen of your phone or computer, even when you're relaxing? When constantly engaging with tech our nervous system gets stuck in one gear that can damage our sleep, our relationships, and our quality of life.

Few people know that certain yoga poses can help you break your addiction to your phone. These poses offer a reliable way to ween yourself off of your phone and computer and get you back in touch with what really matters most in your life.

In this free workshop we will experience the benefits of these special beginner-level yoga postures first hand. They are so straightforward you will be able to take them home as tools to keep you grounded and present in your life.

Address: 4824 Park Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20816. Look for the sign "Tools For Spiritual Growth" on the mailbox. Watch your step as you follow the path down the driveway to the yoga studio in the backyard.

Later Event: July 5
Yoga for Grounding