Mars/Pluto combines the warrior, arousal, aggressiveness and competition of Mars with the depth, instincts, power, and elemental nature of Pluto:


The Mars/Pluto combination joins the warrior drive of Mars with the deeply instinctual drives of Pluto. Often times this combination creates a compulsion (Pluto) to fight (Mars) and even protect (Mars). Celebrity female characters who embody this combination include Josephine Baker, who was not only a brave (Mars) entertainer exalting the libidinal sexual drives (Pluto) and bringing a dangerous cheetah (Mars/Pluto) with her on stage, but also a civil rights activist and an agent of the French Resistance (Mars/Pluto); Sigourney Weaver embodies the protective female warrior (Mars) against mysterious biological monsters (Pluto) in Aliens in the following clip: ; Indian actress Priyanka Chopra expresses her Mars/Pluto in many roles in which she plays. Chopra playing the role of boxer Mary Kom is a good example:


Male examples of the Mars/Pluto combination include actor Mark Hamill who fought (Mars) the power (Pluto) of the warrior of the dark side (Mars/Pluto) as personified in Darth Vader in Star Wars. Actor Forest Whitaker often displays this combination. Examples include his mysterious (Pluto) samurai (Mars) character in Ghost Dog and his portrayal of the compulsively (Pluto) violent (Mars) dictator Idi Amin in The Last  King of Scotland.