Mars/Saturn combines Mars' bravery, aggressiveness, and action with Saturn's tendency toward reserve, authority, deadlines, and mortality:


When the planets Mars and Saturn align in a tense angle in the sky, the alignment reflects that burdens, responsibilities, and reality checks (Saturn) are aggressively active (Mars). If you were born during this sort of alignment this theme is present throughout your whole life.

What life is actually doing is trying to forge out of you a responsible (Saturn) warrior (Mars) with a bravely (Mars) self-possessed authority (Saturn).

The challenge is that until you embody this mature (Saturn) warrior (Mars) life will keep beating you up. The good news is the more you embody this Mars/Saturn role, the less the reality checks sting.

The actress Brie Larson was born during this alignment. In her role as Captain Marvel she embodies the combination of the serious superhero who shoulders the burdens of being responsible for the safety of the entire universe, especially in the movie Avengers: Endgame. Along side the other Avenger Superheroes she seems more sober and serious; at the same time she is respected as an authority among the superheroes.

Author Dave Eggers and Buddhist Monk and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh were both born with Mars and Saturn in alignment and both have had to contend with the heavy realities (Saturn) of violence (Mars), Dave Eggers via the child abuse he suffered and Thich Nhat Hanh via experiencing the atrocities of war at a young age. Dave Eggers has become a warrior (Mars) of truth (Saturn), seeking to address concerns of abuse and violence in the United States legal system and in the international arena. Thich Nhat Hanh has proven to be a powerful proponent of peace, in part because having survived through the horror of war he is now an authority (Saturn) on transforming the potential for violence (Mars) within humans. Through facing the realities and burdens of Saturn one reaches the other end of Saturn’s spectrum, the end that imparts authority.

The Mars/Saturn combination in the chart of actress Jenette Goldstein can be seen in her depiction of the character “Vasquez” in the movie Aliens, in Vasquez's brave (Mars) loyalty (Saturn) and her bravery (Mars) in the face of death (Saturn):