Sun/Saturn combines the central identity associated with the Sun archetype with the truth, limits, discipline, reality, and potential pessimism associated with the Saturn archetype:


The Sun/Saturn combination in the chart of actor Bill Paxton can be seen in it’s challenging manifestation in the pessimistic (Saturn) identity (Sun) of the character known as Hudson that he played in the movie Aliens: The productive side of the Sun/Saturn combination can be seen in Bill Paxton’s identity as a respected historic (Saturn) icon (Sun) of acting:


The Sun/Saturn combination in the chart of author Kazuo Ishiguro is exemplified in the themes of mortality (Saturn) and truth (Saturn) that recur so frequently in his work that his literary identity (Sun) has become inextricably linked with these themes. His Sun/Saturn combination can also be noted in his identity (Sun) as a literary authority (Saturn) that has won some of the most respected literary honors, including the Nobel Prize.


The Sun/Saturn combination in the chart of actor Harry Anderson can be seen in the way he was known for the identity (Sun) of the role he played as a judge (Saturn) on the television show "Night Court."

When Jennifer Lopez, or “JLo,” was born the Sun was in the sign of Leo. Leo, as a zodiac sign, is associated with the lion and with a love of the spotlight. JLo certainly demonstrates this aspect of the nature of Leo. And, of course, JLo wears her Leo Sun well with that mane-like head of hair of hers. Though she was also born with the Sun combined with Saturn. Saturn is considered to “slow down” whatever it combines with. The symbolism of the Sun in astrology is associated with our identity, how we shine, and our mission in life. In the life of JLo we see Saturn lending a “slow burn” to the Sun. In other words, JLo’s mission in life, and the way she shines, is given a long sustain by Saturn’s presence. Thus three decades into show business she is shining bright and perhaps stronger than ever:

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