Sun/Uranus combines the central identity and mission associated with the Sun in one's chart with the movement toward freedom, rebellion, independence, and potential fickleness associated with the Uranus archetype:


The Sun/Uranus combination in the chart of Jiddu Krishnamurti can be seen in his fierce identification (Sun) with liberation (Uranus) from mental conditioning above all else. The singular importance (Sun) he placed on illuminating (Sun) this freedom (Uranus) can be seen in the titles of his books, “The First and Last Freedom,” and “The Only Revolution.”


The Sun/Uranus combination in the chart of philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre can be seen in his emphasis on an autonomy (Uranus) of will (Sun), and his search for freedom (Uranus) from cultural and social assumptions in order to experience an authentic way of being oneself (Sun).

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