"I’ve had astrology readings before but none were as detailed as my reading with James.  First of all, he really took the time to explain my chart to me. He had a great way of helping me understand the planets and transits in my charts. Then, he explained in great detail how I could work with the more challenging aspects of my chart rather than just succumbing to a potential negative. James has such a thorough understanding of astrology and has a way of bringing it down to earth for those of us who don’t. I would highly recommend a reading with him!"        -Michelle, Herndon, Virginia

"James has a unique approach to astrology that I find insightful. His style of astrology appeals to me because it offers the possibility of self-awareness that can unbind one from beliefs. I normally associate astrology with a futile grasping for power that seems only to shroud one further in confusion. But James has a very different and liberating comprehension of astrology that can be an aid in self-inquiry and lifting veils of confusion." -Joey, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"James gave me a reading and it was profoundly helpful in allowing me to see what is happening in my life and why it might be happening. It was empowering to see these things, because I could then act confidently and accordingly. James is a communicator and very literary in his use of analogy and metaphor. I highly recommend James for astrological readings. He'll help you more deeply understand your relationship to the bigger picture and how the bigger picture affects the little picture. Hit him up!" -Brian, Los Angeles, California

"James has the gift of language giving you a reading that stays with you. He  skillfully relates astrology to our everyday experience whilst sharing his love of the subject! I have recommended James to several friends who have all benefited from his  insightful readings. Highly recommended!"     -Fiona, Edinburgh, Scotland

"A friend referred me to James in 2013 and I have had a reading every other year since.  Although we’ve not had the luxury of being in the same place at the same time to meet in person, it is clear he takes equal care to make a personal connection through video calls and written reports.  His sincere insight is instrumental in giving me the extra encouragement I need when considering major decisions—including buying property in 2015 for my future retirement plan, and this year, 2017, building the courage I needed to make a cross-country move, that I wanted in my heart, but was scared to do.  James’ readings provide a deeper understanding into the core of being and doing, when thinking isn’t quite enough." -Andrea, New Orleans, Louisiana

"I've had several Western & Vedic readings. I enjoyed my other past readings at the time & they've all provided insights. They also left me a little frustrated. The 1st one I ever had told me "I picked a hard chart" and kept re-iterating that & asking me why I'd pick such a hard chart. James was the first experience of really digging in to give me practical insights on how to work with my birth chart & also how it is intertwining with what's been happening in the stars since Jan 2016 & for the rest of this year. It was a missing piece of a puzzle I wasn't accessing on my own. My reading with James was 1 hr & 45-mins & was soul-changing during this time, provided benefits for me navigating through these times & was SO helpful! He is a super genuine kind soul, extremely professional & awesome at what he does! I highly recommend him for a reading!! Thank you to the moon & Stars & back, James. Game changer! I've been doing SO much better since our session! I am extremely grateful for you star brother!!" -Rebecca, California

"James is one of the most connected and empathic astrologers I've ever had the pleasures of getting a reading from. He's read several times for me over the past 7 years and ALWAYS with freakish accuracy." -Jeremy, Los Angeles, California