Venus/Mars combines Venus’ association with harmony, beauty, pleasure and women with Mars’ association with war, competition, assertiveness, bravery, and men:

The Venus/Mars combination in the chart of Demi Lovato can be seen in her video for her song “Confidence.” Demi Lovato plays a character in violent conflict  (Mars) with another woman (Venus).  The women then join together in harmony (Venus) to attack (Mars) the real enemy:


The Venus/Mars combination in the chart of David Beckham can be seen in his role as an attractive model (Venus) within a competitive sport (Mars).  This ad combining his athleticism with his looks exemplifies this dynamic:


The Venus/Mars combination in the chart of comedian Andy Samberg can be seen in his harmonious friendship (Venus) with men (Mars), most notably his significant bond with fellow comedians Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone. His video "3-Way (The Golden Rule)" provides a humorous take on love (Venus) between men (Mars):


The Venus/Mars combination in the chart of author D.H. Lawrence can be seen in his novel “Lady Chatterley’s Lover,” a book with themes of bravery (Mars) in pleasure (Venus) and conflict (Mars) in love (Venus). The publication of the book itself brought about major controversy (Mars) in England because of its assertive (Mars) portrayal of sexual pleasure (Venus).


The tendency for the Venus/Mars combination to show up as the intermingling of love (Venus) and conflict (Mars), can easily be seen in the music of Pat Benatar, whose hits include, “Hit Me with Your Best Shot,” “Love is a Battlefield,” and “Heartbreaker.” The tendency for the Venus/Mars combination to show up as the brave (Mars) artist (Venus) can be seen in her stage presence in front of a roaring crowd:

The Mars archetype points toward action, assertion, “get up and go,” and athletics on one end of its spectrum, and anger, aggression, violence and war on the other end of its spectrum. Because of her tendency to create beauty, Venus is associated with the artist. Because Mars relates to assertiveness and the warrior, his archetype is associated with bravery. When Mars and Venus combine in a chart we often see the artist who is brave and even athletic. Actors, dancers and performing artists who perform bravely before audiences often have this combination in their charts. Artists such as Rosie Perez, Tom Cruise, Olivia Newton-John, Woody Allen, Chaka Khan, Tom Hanks, and Bruce Lee exemplify this.

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