What is Nondual Astrology?

Of the spiritual offerings available today, the movement of nonduality is becoming more and more popular. Nonduality says that all of the divisions we perceive, such as the division between you and me, between this object and that object, between now and then, are ultimately illusions. What does this have to say about a practice in which we look to very distant bodies in space to inform us about our lives here on Earth?

First of all, why look at something so far away to describe something as close to us as our very own lives? Shouldn't there be something closer at hand that can yield more relevant insights? This was my stance regarding astrology for much of my life. Consequently, I paid little attention to the study of heavenly bodies and instead focused on mindfulness meditation. If I wanted to understand life why not look within? After all, "within" is the closest thing we've got. I dedicated myself to the practice of Vipassana meditation. Vipassana is a mindfulness technique that focuses on physical sensations in the body. Think that you're addicted to that object of your addiction? Wrong. You're addicted to the sensations in your body that you associate with that object. Think that you dislike this person and love that person? Wrong. You dislike the physical sensations you associate with this person and you love the physical sensations you associate with that person. In fact, you'd be surprised how much of our appraisal of the outer world originates within us: all of it! The outer "world" is merely a reflection of the "world" we carry within us. Didn't someone once say, "The kingdom of heaven is within."

Then, low and behold, someone informed me that astrology looks to the heavenly bodies to describe life here on Earth because the big picture, i.e. the heavens above, reflects the little picture, i.e. life here on Earth. In astrology I then discovered another stance from which I can "know thyself." The first stance involves looking within to understand life without, the second involves looking without to understand life within.

Well, guess what...inner and outer qualify as divisions, which means nonduality says they are ultimately illusions.

Nondual astrology is the art of looking deep into the outer world to know, understand, and align with our innermost nature. I use the word "art" because to describe it on paper is one thing, but to see it in action is beautiful. I welcome you to come, contact me, and experience this beauty for yourself.