How Can Astrology Help Me?

Have you ever become so frustrated with knotted string or laces that you pull at them wantonly in hopes of untying them only to find you have made the knot tighter? A toy called a Chinese Finger Trap demonstrates this principle well. It's a hollow tube into both ends of which you insert your index fingers. The more you try to pull them out the more they are trapped. Only when you relax your efforts to get free do your perceptive faculties notice the trap is no longer a trap; you can release your fingers with ease. The human psyche is filled with knotted string. These are the behavior patterns that we have trouble getting free of, or in some cases we have trouble even being aware of! Astrology is like a wide angle view. Through the astrological chart we can see where the knots lie and understand which thread is which. Even just a moment of such insight and acceptance can turn those previously tight and constricted areas where we were struggling against ourselves into spacious areas of personal strength. To learn more about this process, try experiencing it for yourself.