Learn to Dance with Your Life

Picture two dancers conquering a partner dance on the dance floor. I know you've seen it. Maybe they were dancing swing, salsa, tango, whatever. But they were good. They were a marvel to watch. Wow. They push off each other, they pull in each other. One leads, the other follows. They move as if they are two, yet one. They appear so natural that they literally are the music.

Well, it took a lot of practice for them to reach that point of fluidity. They practiced a lot, together.

Now back away from the dancers and widen your lens. See all the people around them. Go well beyond the dance floor and keep going. See the whole world. Keep going. See the whole world and your whole life. Now listen for the music. You left that tight little song with the dancers on the dance floor. As you widened your lens the music also widened. The space between the beats expanded and became the space between conversations, events, feelings in your life.

We are all dancing. The two partners are your inner world and the outer world. Sometimes your inner world leads the dance and the outer world follows. These are the moments when you feel in charge, when you feel you are taking your life by the reins. Sometimes the outer world leads and your inner world follows. These are the times when the unexpected events of life take us by surprise. We have to manage them and play catch up with them.

All the while these two parts comprise our one life. Our one life is the dance, the union of the two, and the music is the rhythm with which the dance takes place.

The two partners are never alone on the dance floor. Amidst the dance we have to remain watchful to make sure we are leaving enough space for others to do their dance. We have to make sure not to bang into them.

In the dance of life there is a lot to coordinate. That's why I emphasized the amount of practice accrued by the expert dancers mentioned above. It takes practice to become good. How do we practice? Well, we are always dancing. The dance never stops. But we can get better at it by learning to be watchful of others and their dance. Making sure to leave space for them is part of our dance, too. We can get better by understanding when our inner world is leading and when the outer world is leading. The dance always goes more smoothly when the leader and the follower are clear on their roles.  And we can learn the rhythm of the music so we don't move off beat. This is where an astrology reading comes in.

When I give readings for my clients I help them understand the unfolding rhythm of their week/month/year and I help them understand at which point to put which foot forward. The lens of astrology allows me to do this by widening the view, so that I can hear the whole song, so that I can see the choreography. Thus it puts me in a position to not only point out the rhythm and the moves to my clients, but also to share my appreciation for the dance of the universe and the song of life, for they are one. Come, join me in rapture.

"You can walk a mile in my shoes, but you can't dance a step in my feet." -Funkadelic, Electric Spanking of War Babies