The Universe is Sending You an Evite

Dear Beloved Child,

I am sending you this Evite to invite you to step up and meet your full potential. I have actually sent you this Evite many times. You know how, when you don't reply to an Evite, it gets sent to you again and again. Those Evites I sent you could have been in the form of the relationship breakups, the sadistic bosses, the angry road ragers, the judging authority figures, the addictive behavior patterns. I have sent so many Evites. In fact, that's mostly what I do: send Evites to graduation parties. I love celebrating when you graduate to a new level of realizing your potential.

How can you know when something you experienced in the past was an Evite from me? I've already told you: when an Evite isn't read and replied to it gets sent again and again. Another term for Evite is "pattern." Do you have a "pattern" in your life? Do you get picked on? Do you pick on others? Do you get your heartbroken? Do you get wounded? I'm sure only one thread links all the patterns in your life: you. The people were different. The place was different. The time was different. Only you were the same. If you got picked on again and again, the Evite was for you to stand up for yourself. If you got wounded again and again, the Evite was for you to become a healer. If you succumbed to addiction, the Evite was for you to succumb to a higher power.

How do you know which Evite to which party you are receiving? That's easy. I've left a cheat sheet. It's written in the stars. Treat yourself to an astrology reading and you'll recognize what form the Evite arrives in in your life.

The more difficult part is the trick of accepting the Evite. That can only be done when the Evite arrives. Then you will see that in order to read the Evite and accept the Evite, you will have to be very, very watchful. You will have to fully absorb yourself in the present moment. You will have to absorb yourself so fully in the present that the past and future and your ideas about yourself will necessarily be obliterated. And when you do, you will see that the Evite sent from me to you was written only for your eyes in poetry that only you can grasp in a language that only you can comprehend. It is actually a love letter, sent to you from someone who loves you more deeply than you could have ever imagined. That someone dwells in the center of your own heart. The Evite is to the party that you and I attend as one.

And it is from this kind of intimacy that you will come to be acquainted with every person, indeed every being, both near and far.

Beloved Child, I am sending you this Evite to invite you to step up and meet your full potential.


The Universe