Where Your Treasure Chest of Skills and Knowledge is Hiding Inside You #RollingStones #BrianJones

In astrology the archetype of Jupiter is associated with abundance, growth, breadth and success.

Where do you have a breadth of knowledge? Where do you have an abundance of skills? Where do you experience growth easily? Where do you experience success so easily that you might write it off?

Jupiter is somewhere in the birth chart of every person. The planets that it combines with in your birth chart say a lot about where a breadth of knowledge and skills are waiting to be recognized in your life.

Sometimes we are more successful than we thought. It’s easy to write off areas of our lives because we are defining skills, knowledge and success by another person’s standards. Understanding where Jupiter is in our chart goes a long way in recognizing and honoring our natural skills and knowledge and the areas where success comes easily to us.

Let’s look at the example of Brian Jones, founding member of the Rolling Stones. He was born with the Sun in a significant alignment with Jupiter. The Sun is associated with our central sense of identity. As we said above, Jupiter is associated with growth, abundance, and breadth. Jones was known as a “multi-instrumentalist.” He played guitar, sitar, harmonica, bass, dulcimer, piano, keyboards, drums, marimba, recorder, saxophone and other instruments. Having this much breadth of musical skill and culture associated with one’s identity is common for those born with the Sun and Jupiter in alignment.

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