Jupiter/Uranus combines the leaps of Jupiter with the unexpected nature of Uranus, and the expansiveness of Jupiter with the innovation of Uranus:


The Jupiter/Uranus combination tends toward themes of the celebrated/successful (Jupiter) rebel/recklessness (Uranus), fortuitous (Jupiter) escapes (Uranus), and big leaps (Jupiter) of innovation (Uranus). Edward Snowden is an example of the celebrated/successful (Jupiter) reckless rebel (Uranus). Actor Peter Dinklage, particularly in his role as Tyrion Lannister in the Game of Thrones television series, is an example of a personality that experiences fortuitous (Jupiter) escapes (Uranus) from potentially dangerous situations. Albert Einstein is an example of the celebrated (Jupiter) innovator (Uranus) who is responsible for a huge leap (Jupiter) of innovation (Uranus).

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