Mercury/Pluto combines Mercury's association with speech, thought, communication, and perception, with Pluto's associate with the depths, the instincts, the taboo, the mysterious and hidden:


The Mercury/Pluto combination is often associated with speech and the mouth (Mercury) combined with the taboo and libidinal impulses associated with Pluto. One of the ways Mercury/Pluto in the chart of Miley Cyrus shows up is in the singers tendency to stick out her tongue:


The tendency of the Mercury/Pluto combination to involve taboos and power (Pluto) in the realm of speech (Mercury) in the chart of Madonna shows up in this interview with David Letterman in which she uses profanities (Mercury/Pluto) and engages in power struggles (Pluto) of communication (Mercury) with Letterman involving sexuality (Pluto):


The Mercury/Pluto combination in the chart of Keanu Reeves shows up in his role as Neo in the movie The Matrix, who is able to perceive (Mercury) at such a depth (Pluto) that he discovers what he thought was reality is really a program.

The RZA, founding member of the hip hop group, The Wu-Tang Clan, was born with the Mercury/Pluto combination. In Greek mythology Pluto was the god of the underworld. For the RZA it is the mind and communication (Mercury) that is driven by Pluto’s depth and intensity. When fellow band member GZA first introduced the RZA to a form of religious practice know as Divine Mathematics the RZA says in his autobiographical book The Tao of Wu, “That night I started reading the Bible. And I kept reading until I finished it.” Those born with Mercury and Pluto in aspect have an ability to think (Mercury) deeply (Pluto) and research (Mercury) with intensity (Pluto). As well as being associated with depth and intensity the archetype of Pluto is also associated with the dark, the hidden. Just like the Greek god Pluto who always remained underground, the archetype of Pluto is associated with taboo and society’s dark thoughts. From a young age the RZA became fascinated with rhymes. From his uncle he heard one of his first rhymes. It was a southern folk rhyme that stuck with him:

“Never cry when a hearse goes by, because you might be the next to die. They’ll cover you with a cold white sheet. They’ll put you down about six feet deep. It’s not so bad the first few weeks, until you start to mumble and creep, and the worms crawl in and the worms crawl out, and the ants play pinochle on your snout, your stomach turns sickest green as pus runs out like thick whipped cream…”

The RZA subsequently carried his fascination with rhyming (Mercury) about the darker aspects of life (Pluto) into his profession, most notably in his work with the group The Gravediggaz, such as the song “1-800 Suicide,”

“Six fucking devils stepped up playing brave, had the fucking nerve to try and enter my grave yard. I’m the RZArector. Be my sacrifice, commit suicide and I’ll bring you back to life. The first was convinced, stuck a water hose in his mouth at full blast so head can explode. Second one said, ‘Hmm, that’s good but I can top it.’ Put an ax up to his head and then he chopped it. Blood shot out in every direction. The rest didn’t know what to do, I made suggestions: put a slug in your mug; overdose on a drug; wet your hand, stick a knife in the plug; or play like Richard Pryor, set your balls on fire. Better yet, go hang yourself with a barbed wire. Three and four fell deep into the spell and, ran to the zoo, locked themselves in the lion’s den. Number five said, ‘it ain’t worth being alive!’ Smoked a dust joint, mixed it with cyanide. The only one who escaped was number six. He went home, sat in the tub, and slit his wrists. Yeah, more graves to dig. Goodbye. There’s no need to cry, cause we all die.”

Interestingly, as dark as the references to death by suicide are above, the RZA premises the verses with a promise for resurrection. It’s worth noting that the archetype of Pluto is not just associated with death, but also with the resultant rebirth.