Mercury/Saturn combines the speech, learning, thinking, and communication associated with the archetype of Mercury, with Saturnian themes of heaviness, negation, discipline, reality, seriousness, gravity and gravitas:


The Mercury/Saturn combination the chart of Albert Einstein can be seen his general theory of relativity, in which weight and gravity (Saturn) are perceived and understood (Mercury) as a distortion of the structure (Saturn) of space-time caused by the presence of energy or matter. The fact that Einstein did poorly in school as a child also demonstrates this aspect as an intellect (Mercury) that is judged (Saturn) and criticized as lacking (Saturn). Saturn tends to make whatever planetary combinations it is aligned with blossom and be recognized later in life, as Einstein’s intellect plainly did.

Saturn’s tendency to slow down the success of whatever planetary archetypes it is combined with can be seen in the case of Sharon Jones. Sharon Jones was a singer with a voice (Mercury) that only became successful later in life (Saturn). Though she sang as a youth, the lack of a record contract led her to work for many years as a correctional officer, until her voice was finally “discovered” when she was forty years old.