The Sun/Jupiter combination joins together the central identity associated with the Sun with the uplifting optimism, good fortune, and broader world associated with the archetype of Jupiter:


The identification (Sun) with optimism (Jupiter) and the celebration (Jupiter) of the Sun can be seen in the Sun/Jupiter combination in the chart of Cheryl Crow through her song “Soak Up the Sun,” in which the refrain says, “I’m gonna soak up the Sun. I’m gonna tell everyone to lighten up.”

Brian Jones, founding member of the Rolling Stones, was born with the Sun in a significant alignment with Jupiter. The Sun is associated with our central sense of identity. Jupiter is associated with growth, abundance, and breadth of culture. Jones was known as a “multi-instrumentalist.” He played guitar, sitar, harmonica, bass, dulcimer, piano, keyboards, drums, marimba, recorder, saxophone and other instruments. Having this much breadth of musical skill and culture associated with one’s identity is common for those born with the Sun and Jupiter in alignment.

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