Sun/Mercury combines our central identity (Sun) with Mercury's tendency toward movement, thought, speech, correspondence, or communication of any kind. The archetype of the Sun can at times also be associated with the father, as exemplified below:


The Sun/Mercury combination in the chart of French politician Marine Le Pen can be seen in her constant need to address the spoken points (Mercury) of her father (Sun), right wing extremist politician Jean-Marie Le Pen, so much so that her own identity (Sun) as a politician is inextricably linked to the political message (Mercury) of her father (Sun):  Other ways in which this combination shows up in her life include writing (Mercury) an autobiography (Sun), and being considered the spokesperson (Sun/Mercury) for Euroskepticism and the National Front of France.


The Sun/Mercury combination in the chart of actor Gerard Butler can be seen in roles he plays involving speaking and writing, such as P.S. I Love You, a movie in which the identity (Sun) of his character is based on letters he has written (Mercury); and The Ugly Truth a movie in which he plays a talk-radio show (Mercury) host (Sun).