Sun/Neptune combines the central sense of identity, and the father, associated with the Sun archetype with the boundlessness and lack of centrality associated with the Neptune archetype:


Neptune’s association with dreams and the association of the Sun with the father can be seen in the chart and life of Barrack Obama through the title of his book, “Dreams of My Father.”


Neptune’s association with dreams and reverie, and the Sun’s association with the personal identity can be seen in the chart and work of eminent psychologist Carl Gustav Jung through the Neptunian title of his autobiography (Sun), “Memories, Dreams, Reflections.”


The Sun’s association with the central identity, combined with Neptune’s association with boundless realms that have no center, makes this combination common in the charts of actors, allowing them to demonstrate fluidity of identity. The chart and life of actress Jenette Goldstein is a good example of this:

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