Taboo Love and Ultimate Sacrifices: Selena Gomez and Venus/Saturn/Pluto

Saturn symbolizes the great reality principle that bounds, blocks and negates. Pluto is the archetype of volcanic power and drive. If you combine these archetypes and apply them to the archetype of Venus (love, art and beauty) you get a volcanic drive to love that is just as volcanically negated or blocked, birthing the taboo love.

This is merely one example of how these archetypal energies can combine, an example that can be seen in the music of Selena Gomez, who was born with this combination. In the video for Hands to Myself Gomez is dancing around the house of her lover. Then the police enter and the viewer realizes that Gomez has broken into the house of the man she loves. Not only does the man not love her, he doesn't even know who she is. To him, she is a stalker. The volcanically taboo love (Venus/Pluto) is just as volcanically bounded and blocked by reality and the authorities (Saturn/Pluto).

There are other ways in which this combination can manifest. For instance, the volcanic drive (Pluto) to produce a very structured and disciplined (Saturn) art (Venus). Looking at the combination in this way we can get an idea that Selena Gomez is a very driven and disciplined artist.

Yet, along with love and art, Venus also rules friendship. Pluto's power can drive Saturn's reality principle to the ultimate boundary: mortality. Here we see friendship tested by calamities that threaten our mortality. This year Selena Gomez underwent a kidney transplant. The donor was Gomez's best friend. Love and friendship (Venus) proved themselves against the powerful threat of death (Saturn/Pluto).

The ways in which the archetypes can combine are plentiful, yet their heights and depths can be determined by the bravery and responsibility with which we face them.

Hands to Myself:

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