Kesha and Challenges of Those Born Between 1987-89

This post goes out to those born between 1987 and 1989, when Saturn, Uranus and Neptune were conjoined in the sky. This astrological combination is so rare that not only will those born with it will never see the same combination again in the sky, but neither will their children nor their grandchildren.

With this combination comes the potential for terrible dark nights of the soul and for awe-inspiring spiritual overcoming. Saturn is the archetype of the burdens of reality. Uranus is the archetype of freedom. Neptune symbolizes our connection to the spiritual dimension of life. Without the connection with spirit represented by Neptune, life does not seem worth living. When conjoined with Neptune, Uranus aims for the heights of spiritual freedom, sometimes forgetting about the responsibilities of reality, represented by Saturn.

A striking example of these archetypes at play can be seen in the life of the pop singer Kesha. In her early career Kesha was known for singing songs about parties, showing the world how it is to identify with the "highs" of the Uranus/Neptune while shunning the reality principle of Saturn. In one particularly symbolic line she rejects the Saturnian responsibility of brushing teeth by claiming that she brushes her teeth with whiskey. Drugs and intoxicants such as whiskey are associated with Neptune because of their ability to dissolve reality. Not only can we associate Saturn with the responsibility of teeth brushing, but Saturn rules the bones and the teeth in particular. Uranus represents the rebellious nature of the lyric and the inventiveness associated with inverting responsibility with debauchery.

Yet more recently Kesha has literally changed her tune. After a considerable dark night of the soul which seems to have involved drug addiction, sexual assault by her former producer, and serious bouts with depression, Kesha has released Praying, a song which just as readily demonstrates the three symbolisms of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, yet does so with a more integrated Saturn principle. Aimed at her former producer who abused her physically, sexually and emotionally, Praying is a powerful song of forgiveness. She thanks her perpetrator for making her so strong. She then goes on to hope that he finds his peace while falling on his knees in prayer. The juxtaposition of personal strength wrought from misery and spiritual connection won through surrender to the burden of gravity all show how terrible realities faced have integrated Saturn's maturity into the triad with Uranus and Neptune.

Those born during these years are going to provide a spiritual maturity that our world society will need in order to face what is ahead. Yet in order to help this astrological cohort reach their full potential we must provide them with our support. A blog post dedicated to helping this cohort understand the energies they are wrestling with is all the more appropriate now that this group has entered their Saturn return (around the age of thirty Saturn returns to the position in the astrological birth chart it inhabited when we were born; this is called the "Saturn return"). For anyone the Saturn return is a powerful time of reckoning, and all the more so for this particular group. Whenever I give a reading to someone from this group I feel especially honored, because I know I am contributing to the future spiritual backbone of the world.

Link to Praying by Kesha: