Heart of Stone: The Weeknd and Venus/Saturn

Popstar The Weeknd was born with a tight conjunction of Venus and Saturn. Venus is the archetype of love, pleasure and art. Saturn is the archetype of negation, restriction and the tests of time.

In The Weeknd's recent video for his song "I Feel it Coming" he is on a barren planet singing to his lover, who appears before him. As he they dance and he sings "I feel it coming" the viewer does not know exactly what The Weeknd feels coming, but has a sense that it is something very pleasurable. Yet, right as the lovers are about to kiss we see an image of two planets aligning. The woman turns to stone, and shortly thereafter so does The Weeknd. Time passes and snow covers the now frozen world. Two robots show up with some sort of detector that detects something glowing a warm color beneath the ice, right where The Weeknd and his lover turned to stone.

Venus is the pleasure about to be had by The Weeknd and his lover. He is singing about this pleasure when he says, "I feel it coming..." Saturn is the planet that eclipses this pleasure and negates it, turning it into cold stone. Saturn is associate with cold temperatures and with hard substances, such as stone. Yet, whatever Saturn restricts and negates with its cold hard nature, can win the test of time by facing Saturn's challenge and enduring. The robots detect the trace of the enduring warmth, love, and pleasure beneath the ice of Saturn's ages. This is Venus restricted by Saturn, yet also blessed with Saturn's ability to endure the ages.

For an astrologer it is always a joy to see the archetypes of the planets illuminated so clearly in art. Because not only are the archetypes of the planets themselves illuminated, but the archetypes of the planets in turn illuminate the psyche of the artist. One could even say that the archetypes reveal the truth (Saturn) in art (Venus). Plus, this particular video includes great images of planets and nebulas as an added bonus for the astrologically minded aesthete. Enjoy!