Laughing at Saturn

Saturn is the archetype of the heavy judgement, the reality check, the backbreaking burden of responsibility. Uranus is the archetype of spontaneity, fun, freedom, and disruption.

When we go toward freedom and run from responsibility we are coveting Uranus and rejecting Saturn. Our life will be out of balance and we will suffer.

If we hide in the responsibility of Saturn and shun the disruptive spontaneity of Uranus, our life will be equally out of balance. To quote Stephen King's novel The Shining, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

In this universe we have infinite possibilities. This universe is shockingly inventive. There is always a unique way to balance Saturn (responsibility) and Uranus (freedom) to meet your particular needs. If you are curious (or doubtful) and you would like to see this for yourself in your own life, sign up for an astrology reading with me.

For inspiration, here is a supremely enjoyable take on Saturn and Uranus. Uranus shows up as laughing at the internal judge (Saturn):