Spontaneous Ritual

One day recently I noticed that the Moon would cross my ascendant in Gemini at the very same moment that the Moon would rise over the eastern horizon that day. This occurrence is rare enough that I wanted to design a ritual to honor it. The shape of my schedule didn't allow for me to enact an intentional ritual; so instead I decided to just see how the Moon rising on my ascendant in Gemini would manifest, and honor that. I ended up flanked by two childhood acquaintances I had run into by chance. They enacted a hilarious Abbot and Costello-type routine for my enjoyment. The Moon is associated with childhood and relationships. Gemini is the sign of two and the Moon in Gemini has a sort of playful, joking trickster quality. Think of Obama making his jokes at the annual Turkey reprieve every Thanksgiving (Obama was born with his Moon in Gemini). As soon as the Moon rose over the eastern horizon on my ascendant these two fellows appeared at my side with their jokes. The movements of the heavens reflects events in our lives on Earth. We can experience every event, whether easy or difficult, as a ritual honoring the movements of the heavens, or the Gods and Goddesses, and thus see every event as a divine manifestation.