Correcting Human Pain Hardens the Heart

This earthly realm we share together is the realm of wounding. Tempting as it is to want to correct suffering, right all wrongs, and heal all wounds, this is not the deepest use of our time in this realm of human experience.

This is the realm of heartbreak, and when hearts break the love pours out. When we we can share in our own suffering and the suffering of others without having to do anything or correct anything then love suddenly baths us like warm sunlight breaking through the clouds. The heart is amazing; it can expand to encompass anything. In Buddhism love and compassion are called "immeasurables."

The paradox of this earthly realm is this: by allowing suffering, wrongs, and wounds to simply be we are, in fact, alleviating suffering, transcending wrongs, and healing wounds. Not accepting the suffering and trying to eradicate it is more of the same energy that created it, namely violence. How can we love life while in the same breath demand that it change its shape? Life is not meant to be perfect. Forcing it to be so is a violence that will harden your heart. Accept its imperfections and find out just how perfect life can be.

Wherever we can address future suffering via practical means, that is our duty. We can address future suffering without refusing past or current suffering. That is the challenge we have been born into and it is the purpose of this life that we share.

"If it don't fit, don't force it." -Funkadelic, If it Don't Fit (Don't Force It)