We Are Our Stories, But They Are Not Us

Every single human life, no matter what the content, from the most trauma-filled to the most boring, is merely a story. Not only is every human life a story, but it is a story telling itself to itself; there is no fixed underlying main character in the story. This is the aspect of reality that allows every human life equal access to freedom. By freedom I do not mean a mundane freedom involving physical, political, and/or economic freedom. No. That is more story. I mean freedom from the past, freedom from trauma, regret, remorse, depression, anger, negativity, in short: freedom from suffering. Freedom from suffering is freedom from story.

This can be had even by someone suffering the highest pitches of pain, on the verge of dying and losing everything they have ever known and loved. Even they can achieve freedom with a capital "F." But you don't have to be physically dying to experience freedom from story. You can experience freedom from story right now (after all, there is only ever right now, the rest is just more story).

Many have done it. And many that do have become teachers in order to share their insights with others. The cutting edge research conducted by psychologist Stan Grof has shown how psychedelic therapy increases and exaggerates story to the point where the person whose "story" it is becomes aware that actually there is no person at the center of the story. The story is merely telling itself to the story, which is telling itself to the story, ad infinitum. When this realization is discovered, the story loses all momentum.

Some spiritual teachers, like Mooji, encourage their students to inquire into the story in the present moment to see whether or not there is in fact a central character called "I" whose location can be fixed and whose quality can be held as a constant. Mindfulness meditation practices such as vipassana engage a similar muscle to attempt to find the true nature of the story and the nature of the supposed identity apparently underlying the story.

The unstable nature of story and identity becomes obvious in the work of Tony Robbins. He uses the element of surprise to throw his clients' stories off track. Then he quickly and skilfully supplants the client's old story with a new, more positive and spacious story before the old story can find its old thread again. Suddenly the client is like a different person, standing blinking in the light of a bright new world all around them, now filled with all types of possibilities their old story would never have allowed.

Receiving an astrology reading is another access point to freedom from story. An astrology reading is an opportunity to literally step back and see your life from the wide angle view. This allows us to see how our stories are really just a small corner of something infinitely more vast, and infinitely more enjoyable. Contact me here, to begin exploring how astrology can help you free yourself from suffering.