Are You Allergic to Being Ignored?

Recently one of Jason Momoa’s costars in “Aquaman” remarked that Jason Momoa is “allergic to being ignored.” With the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter all in the sign of Leo, who can blame him? Leo is the Zodiac sign associated with a love of the spotlight.

Leo is the sign that is associated with the Sun, and in astrology the Sun symbolizes how we shine. The Sun itself is the center of the solar system, and as such can be associated with being the “center” of attention. Jason Momoa was not only born with his Sun in Leo, but also his Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter. I won’t go into the symbolism of so many planets, but needless to say, there is definitely an emphasis on Leo and enjoying the spotlight!

Imagine Jason Momoa in school as a child. Was he misunderstood? Was he seen as an attention hog? Fortunately he has found the right fit for the energy he was born with and has excelled. What often doesn’t work in one arena is perfect for another.

What if you have so many planets in the sign of Scorpio, and you hate the spotlight? In fact, you like to remain out of sight completely. Then that’s fine too! We are born with characteristics that our astrological birth charts not only illuminate but also validate. Our natural tendencies and gifts are ours for a reason. For every natural gift, no matter what its traits, there is always an arena somewhere out there in which it can thrive.

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