Doubt is Your Greatest Ally

Do you ever feel that you are the only one that doubts yourself? That everyone else knows what they are doing and you are the odd man out?

If no one else experienced doubt then why would doubt show up again and again in the different religions and mythologies of the world?

Jesus had his moment of doubt on the cross. Doubt was the last thought the Buddha conquered before attaining enlightenment.

In these days of polished social media profiles it might be easy to think that doubt is a thing of the past.

Doubt is just as present as ever, possibly more so.

In the recently released movie Aquaman the main character, played by Jason Momoa, has to undergo a series of challenges in order to claim the throne of his people.

The last and most formidable challenge he faces is the Karathen, a giant beast of immense strength whose terrifying power lies not in its strength but in its ability to create doubt in the heart of its adversary.

Aquaman conquers this beast by admitting with all honesty that he is, indeed, filled with doubt. By doing so, the beast loses its power. Not only that. The beast becomes a servant of Aquaman, and thus all that immense strength and power now belongs to Aquaman, to yield as he chooses.

The Karathen is just is a symbolic representation of doubt itself. The force of doubt within us does have titanic power and strength. It has the ability to divide us in two: us vs doubt.

Yet if we are honest with ourselves and accept that we are experiencing doubt, and that to doubt is to be human, then we are again unified, now with a vast storehouse of power and strength on our side.

If you have conquered your own voice of doubt within, can some other person be able to make you doubt yourself?


You are now the one who is in control. You are the King/Queen of your own kingdom. No one can challenge that.

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