Is Life Aggressively Beating You Over the Head? Your Astrological Birth Chart Teaches You How to Quickly Turn that Dynamic Around #BrieLarson #Avengers #CaptainMarvel

When life seems to want to actively punish you, it is actually trying to strengthen you.

            According to astrology, the universe outside us reflects the universe within us. When the planets Mars and Saturn align in a tense angle in the sky, the alignment reflects that burdens, responsibilities, and reality checks (Saturn) are aggressively active (Mars). If you were born during this sort of alignment this theme is present throughout your whole life.

            What life is actually doing is trying to forge out of you a responsible (Saturn) warrior (Mars) with a bravely (Mars) self-possessed authority (Saturn).

            The challenge is that until you embody this mature (Saturn) warrior (Mars) life will keep beating you up. The good news is the more you embody this Mars/Saturn role, the less the reality checks sting.

            The actress Brie Larson was born during this alignment. In her role as Captain Marvel she embodies the combination of the serious superhero who shoulders the burdens of being responsible for the safety of the entire universe, especially in the movie Avengers: Endgame. Along side the other Avenger Superheroes she seems more somber and serious; at the same time she is respected as an authority among the superheroes.

            If you would like to find out if you or someone you love was born during this alignment, here is a three minute video that teaches you how to pull up an astrological birth chart and determine if Mars and Saturn were in a tense alignment.