Do Your Emotions Undermine Your Ability to Communicate Clearly? Here’s How to Align Your Emotions and Your Communication.

Are you frustrated that your message isn’t coming across? You try to communicate clearly, yet you go into a downward spiral in which the same emotions you want to communicate end up tripping you up.

The trick to communicating your emotions clearly and effectively lies in understanding your unique communication style.

In astrology communication, speech and thought are associated with Mercury. The emotions, childhood, family and home are associated with the Moon.

If you were born when the Moon and Mercury were in alignment, the communication (Mercury) is often emotional (Moon) and the way to process emotions (Moon) involves communication (Mercury), i.e. having a chat with a close intimate.

This combination is a huge potential strength once it is understood.

If the birth data we have for Shakespeare is correct then he was born when the Moon and Mercury were aligned. Think of how the words he wrote (Mercury) have been able to emotional move (Moon) millions upon millions of people.

One of my favorite artists born with this combination is Mick Jones, musician and founding member of the band The Clash. Through his songs he creates an atmosphere of close intimate (Moon) communication (Mercury), whether he is singing about a childhood friendship, home life in the inner city, child-like innocence in consumer society He is even able to communicate (Mercury) the same sentimental (Moon) tone when singing about somebody getting murdered His messages (Mercury) in his songs really touch people emotionally (Moon); just look at the comment sections in the Youtube videos.

If you were born during this alignment, finding a way to effectively communicate your emotions is an important life task for you. It is necessary for you to comfortably be yourself and reach your full potential.

Navigating the Moon and Mercury together requires a fuller understanding of both your mind and your emotions. This can be done through understanding your own astrological birth chart.

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