The Reason Why You Are Weird

 When we say that something is “weird,” what we are really saying is that we don’t understand it.

            This is where astrology comes in.

            Behavior that seems strange at the outset, even to the leading edge of western psychology, can be easily explained by understanding the astrological birth chart of the person involved.

            We humans are much more complex and fascinating than our popular culture allows. Sometimes we carry great contradictions within ourselves. This is because powerful archetypes inside of us are trying to reconcile their different energies. We have an entire universe inside ourselves. Just as there are powerful forces at play in the universe outside of us, there are also equally powerful forces at play within us.

            Saturn and Uranus are great examples of archetypes that are seemingly contradictory, yet can be reconciled. Saturn is associated with constraints and conservativism. Uranus is associated with rebellion and eccentrism.

            Let’s look at the example of Brian Jones, founding member of the Rolling Stones. He was born when Saturn and Uranus were conjoined in the sky.  As we mentioned, Saturn is associated with the burdens of life, conservative attitudes and judgment. Uranus is associated with rebellion and disruption. Saturn is by nature associated with a tendency toward humility while Uranus can be associated with an air of excitement and uniqueness.

We can see both of these archetypes displaying themselves in the following quote by Jones’ band mate Bill Wyman, "There were at least two sides to Brian's personality. One Brian was introverted, shy, sensitive, deep-thinking. The other was a preening peacock, gregarious, artistic, desperately needing assurance from his peers."

At first it would seem that the introverted side would be associated with the conservativism and humility of Saturn. And the flashy outgoing side would be associated with Uranus.

Yet the introverted side was unique and eccentric. These are traits associated with Uranus.

            The outgoing side was insecure and concerned with judgment. These are traits associated with Saturn’s archetype.

            So we see both archetypes in both traits.

            Our lives are a way for the universe to come up with ever more creative attempts to reconcile challenging energies.

            Let’s help the universe out by understanding ourselves at a deeper level.

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