How to Turn the Economic Freefall to Your Advantage Using Astrology

            What would happen if you loved to inhale and you hated to exhale? You would spend all your time inhaling and avoiding exhaling…and you would pop…and die.

Life is movement, and movement involves shifting between opposites: Up/down, forward/backward, expansion/contraction.  The economy is no different. It expands and contracts, just like our lungs. That’s what keeps us alive.

Not only does the movement between opposites keep us alive, it makes us thrive. With this in mind we can choose to see the upcoming economic crunch as an opportunity to thrive.

Have you ever watched expert salsa dancers? They move with a dynamic beauty born of push and pull, turning away and drawing together. It is the tension between these opposites that propels them forward through the dance. Our businesses, our finances, and thus our intimate personal lives are in a slow motion salsa dance with the economy. When the economy pulls away from us, we have to know how to use that very movement as a jumping off point for our next passionate embrace with financial abundance.

So, how do we do that?

First let’s take a brief look at astrology and how it helps us anticipate economic downturns. Astrology functions upon the principle that the cyclical movements of the planets overhead reflect the cyclical movements of events here on Earth. For instance, contractions of the world economy can be seen reflected in the alignments of Saturn and Pluto. The astrological symbolism of Saturn is contraction, and Pluto symbolizes intensification. When these two planets align we see intense contractions the world over. The economic downturns of history march in lockstep with the alignments of Saturn and Pluto.

Fortunately the astrological symbolism of Saturn and Pluto also hold the key to thriving during times of contraction. Saturn represents contraction, but also structure, discipline, and perseverance. So alignments of Saturn and Pluto don’t just represent times of contraction, they also represent opportunities for structure, discipline, and perseverance.

Saturn also represents endings. Add the intensification of Pluto and we have the ultimate ending, which is death. Let’s look at a metaphorical example of what to do and what not to do during a Saturn/Pluto alignment. Imagine you love to eat rich food. If you sat around eating rich food all the time at best you would get fat, at worse you would die of a heart attack. Imagine that you don’t like to exercise, but you force yourself to do it anyways. You would develop discipline and become fit. We can only eat and expand so much. Eventually Saturn aligns with Pluto and shows up either as death or as an opportunity to discipline ourselves and become lean and mean.

Astrology offers an advantage in that we know the pace at which the planets move and we can project where they will be in the future, allowing us to anticipate Saturn/Pluto times. At the time of this writing we are within a Saturn/Pluto period. When we know the timing of a Saturn/Pluto period, and we know how to use the symbolism of that period to our advantage, all we need to figure out is in what specific areas of our lives, and in what ways, do we need to trim the fat.

To explore the specifics of your own situation and how to use the insights of astrology to ensure that you prosper during the upcoming economic downturn, I have included a link to a scheduling page, where you can schedule a free call with me. Should you decide to jump on the phone with me I look forward to serving you: