Have You Ever Made a Decision in Your Business That Just Didn’t Sit Right?

             You couldn’t figure out why. All indications pointed to it being the right decision. Yet your gut was uneasy.

            Let me tell you a story about a client of mine. She was poised to grow her already thriving business even more. All the strategies were in place. The timing seemed right. Yet her gut was pointing her toward something else. She just didn’t know what that something else could be. We worked together using her astrological transit chart and found out that, for her, the season was ripe not for expansion, but for distilling down her offerings and specifying their fundamental essence. According to the astrological transit chart she was at a point in her career growth cycle in which she was meant to distill her work down to a potent kernel. From that kernal, in time, her business could grow to become an immovable oak tree.

            She felt such relief.

Conventional business wisdom had told her that she needed to grow. Yet something about that approach didn’t feel right. Once we clarified the season of her business, she understood that the impulse she had had all along had been to distill down her business to its core offering.

I don’t need to imagine what would have happened if she had continued on her course of trying to force her business to grow; I see it happen to businesses time and time again. She would have worked herself to exhaustion, not grown an inch, and found herself falling behind rather than surging ahead.

 Have you ever made a decision that left your career spinning its wheels?

As much as we’d like to think that our work stands in a dominion all its own, separate from nature, the same cycles of nature rule our work and our career.

Have you ever seen a tai chi or aikido master demonstrating seemingly superhuman power with a simple movement? This is possible because they are acting in line with the forces of nature and thus have all the power of nature working through them.

The same can easily be true for you and your business. Tides rise and fall. So do economies. Expansion and contraction are natural movements in all of life. Think of your breath. Our businesses are no different. It doesn’t matter if we are expanding our business or distilling down to its core essence, if we do it in line with nature’s cycles we will have all the power of nature supporting us to thrive.

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