Your Career is a Result of Your Life Story, Not Your Skill Set

            Have you ever heard a qualified professional interpret a dream? The dream, which originally seemed like a nonsensical sequence of images, actually makes meaningful sense after hearing the interpretation.

            Your life and career follow the same principle: there is a storyline running beneath them. Once you hear that storyline you’ll understand not only where you have come from and why, but where you need to go from here forward.

            Take one of my clients, for example. He ran a social media enterprise. A company whose social media he began working managing sometime back intrigued him. The company provides healthcare in a specific industry. In a troubled healthcare system they have a revolutionary approach. This company intrigued him so much he was surprised to find himself partnering with them. Though the decision felt good, he wanted clarity about his future career path.

            Thus he came to me.

            You see, I am like the dream interpreter who can interpret the meaning beneath the seeming chaos of a dream, only I interpret the meaning hidden beneath the “busy-ness” of careers and lives. I do this using something called your astrological birth chart, which is a snapshot of the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. It’s kind of like the CliffsNotes to your life.

            My client had grown up pumped full of ADHD medication. His parents weren’t to blame, they were just doing what the doctors told them to do. The doctors were just doing what the healthcare industry told them. My client’s unconscious pull to work in revolutionizing the healthcare industry is much more understandable now, isn’t it? This story was described by the positions of the planets overhead when he was born. All he needed was an interpreter such as myself to point this out to him.

            Once his life’s hidden storyline was revealed to him his past actions made so much more sense to him and his future direction was clear. He felt such relief! Now he is charging forward in his new industry with a joy of abandon that people rarely associate with “going to work.”

            Are you curious what deep meaning your life’s hidden storyline is waiting to reveal?

If so, I am your resource. I am happy to hop on a call with you to talk about how I might be able to help you. To schedule your call please click the link below:

Thank you and have a wonderful day ahead!