The Most Difficult Aspect of Astrology

Once while I was teaching a class on astrology a student of mine asked a question that is fundamental to the understanding of astrology. I was exploring the Venus/Mars combination in the astrological charts of famous people. This means I was exploring the archetypes of Venus and Mars and how they combine together.  Venus is the archetype of beauty, harmony and pleasure. Mars is the archetype of war, competition, and bravery. These two archetypes combine in the lives of those who were born when Venus and Mars were in significant angles to each other in the sky. We were looking at the chart of Demi Lovato and watching her video to her song, "Confident." Demi Lovato was born when Venus and Mars were set at a particularly tense angle. In the video she physically battles with another woman until they decide to join sides and go after the real enemy together. Mars comes through as the physical fight while Venus shows up as the harmony struck in the midst of the fight. When I described this to the class my student pointed out that Demi Lovato my not have full creative control over her videos. "If astrology tells us about our own psyche, then how can a video which may not have come directly from Demi Lovato's psyche illustrate her astrological birth chart?" she asked. This is perhaps the hardest part of astrology to wrap ones head around. Actors are a great population with which to explore this conundrum. Any actor who has attended an audition will tell you that actors don't always get the roles they want. Yet actors end up playing the roles that illustrate the energies in their astrological birth charts. How can this be if they didn't necessarily choose this role? Because astrology doesn't just tell us about our own psyches. Astrology also tells us about our whole life. This means astrology can tell us about what is happening within us, and astrology can also tell us about what is happening around us. How in the world can this be? Well, it turns out the more useful question, perhaps one that is at least as difficult to answer, is: can I accept that this could be true? If you can make the leap and accept that it could be true, then you will be rewarded with innumerable stunning and awe-inspiring examples of this principle to appreciate. To appreciate this principle in your own life, sign up for an astrology reading with yours me.

To see Demi Lovato's video for yourself, click here.