Spontaneous Ritual and the Unexpected

Spontaneous Ritual is seeing every event in life as a ritual to honor the divine. Celebrating spontaneous ritual does not mean we have to stop creating our own intentional rituals. But it does mean that we don't have to stress about the perfection of our rituals. Ritual is as much about us being receptive to the lesson the ritual wants to teach us as it is about making a statement or a request for the universe to receive. Rituals can involve the unexpected. I once was performing a ritual in honor of Venus. I was stressed because I had to begin the ritual by the exact minute Venus was on rising over the eastern horizon, and I was running late. I finally got to the site and performed a sublimely enjoyable ritual, yet I was distressed to check my watch and find out I had performed the ritual late. I later checked the time of Venus' rise and discovered I had designated a nearby city as the site of the ritual. When I corrected the location to the city in which the ritual was performed I found that the ritual had taken place exactly at the moment of Venus' rise over the eastern horizon.