Is Astrology the Best Form of Therapy?

Well, is it? Is astrology the ultimate practice for happiness? I've been around long enough and I've explored enough therapies to confidently say that there is no ultimate therapy. I can go even further and say there is no ultimate path to happiness.

Well, okay, what if your aim is not so high? What if you just want a breakthrough? Have you seen videos of Tony Robbins working with his clients? Wow, those are fast breakthroughs! Have you read the case studies of Stanislav Grof? Talk about profound breakthroughs! What if you just want some peace? Have you taken a ten day Vipassana meditation course? Holy cow. Life changing! Have you watched videos of Mooji's students breaking into wild unexpected peals of laughter? Give me some of that! What if you just want some healing? Have you encountered the work of Dr. Gabor Mate? What if you just want some insights into your crazy life? Well, have you experienced an astrology reading with yours truly? Wink, wink.

Are any of these experiences superior to the others? Is astrology the superior candidate? My personal opinion is no. None of these offerings are superior to the others. Astrology, however, does provide this one crucial insight. All of these experiences are offering the same one thing in different forms: the deep, profound and beautiful transformational power of the universe.