A Fun Astrological Exercise

One particular day I like to watch just for the pure pleasure of it is the day Venus changes signs. This is a collective transition. This means that on the day Venus changes signs it effects us all as a collective. Now, Venus changing signs is not necessarily a dramatic event for the collective, but I acknowledge it for the pure aesthetic and symbolic simplicity and joy of it. This is fitting, because Venus symbolizes harmony, pleasure, camaraderie, the heart, beauty and aesthetics. Because of its symbolism, Venus is often associated with friendship and socializing. To give one example of Venus changing signs, a few years back as Venus entered Cancer a number of friends and myself decided to venture into the woods and swim in a stream there. We spent the day enjoying camaraderie while floating around in cool, comfortable waters. Venus is the camaraderie and pleasure reflected through the lens of Cancer, a water sign associated with community and bonding. Mind you, none of these friends were astrologers, nor did they know about the transition. The transition manifested as the urge to enjoy waters together and the day that subsequently followed. Another example comes to mind. This year when Venus entered Aries friends and I spontaneously decided to go on a bike ride together. Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war, and Aries is associated with activities and sports that heat up the blood. Observing the day when Venus changes signs is definitely a fun little astrological exercise that I enjoy and recommend. You can do this by typing "world transit chart" into Google and choosing any of the free sites that come up to show you which sign Venus is currently in and help you project when Venus will change signs.