What Astrology Can Teach You About the Timing of Your Career Peak

 I was at a friend’s house recently and Ellen Degeneres was on TV and I saw something I couldn’t believe.

Jennifer Lopez was the guest and Ellen mentioned that it was JLo’s 49th birthday. I was shocked. JLo looked so vibrant and youthful. She was speaking about her upcoming movie “Second Act” and how she had just completed 130 performances in Las Vegas.

I instantly kicked into astrologer mode and looked up her astrological birth chart. When JLo was born the Sun was in the sign of Leo. Leo, as a zodiac sign, is associated with the lion and with a love of the spotlight. JLo certainly demonstrates this aspect of the nature of Leo. And, of course, JLo wears her Leo Sun well with that mane-like head of hair of hers. What intrigued me though was that she was born with the Sun combined with Saturn.

In astrology Saturn is considered to “slow down” whatever it combines with. The symbolism of the Sun in astrology is associated with our identity, how we shine, and our mission in life. In the life of JLo we see Saturn lending a “slow burn” to the Sun. In other words, JLo’s mission in life, and the way she shines, is given a long sustain by Saturn’s presence. Thus, here she is, almost thirty years into show business and still shining bright and perhaps stronger than ever.

Your career unfolds according to a shape that is uniquely its own. For some of us our careers blossom early; for some of us our careers slowly ramp up over time. When we understand the unique shape of our own career we can draw out the unique strengths of that shape. That is what our astrological birth chart reveals to us. Sometimes the very aspect of our career that we are fighting holds a secret strength that is waiting to support us, once we understand it.

If you feel called to understand your own career at this depth you can begin here.

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