What Aquaman Can Teach You About Tapping Into Divine Timing in Your Work

Have you ever wondered if the rewards will be worth all the effort you put in at work? Of if the rewards for your efforts will even arrive at all?

Everything in life flows according to an organized system of timing that is reflected in the movement of the planets.


You could even call it divine timing.

Take the recent movie Aquaman, for instance. This is a movie about a prince (Jason Momoa) who has to return to his underwater kingdom (Atlantis) to reclaim the throne. In order to do so he needs to claim the legendary golden trident of his forefathers.

This movie came out when the planet Jupiter aligned with the planet Neptune.

In Roman mythology Jupiter was the king of the gods. In astrology the planet Jupiter is associated with success, the king, and the golden color of the king’s crown.

In Roman mythology Neptune was the god of the ocean. In astrology the planet Neptune is associated with the ocean and is symbolized by the trident.

In the movie Aquaman (Jason Momoa) succeeds (Jupiter) in conquering many trials to claim the golden (Jupiter) trident (Neptune) and becomes the king (Jupiter) of the ocean (Neptune).

Not to mention that actor who plays the king of the ocean, Jason Momoa, was born when Jupiter and Neptune were in an exact alignment. He is the perfect fit for the job.

How could the casting and timing of Aquaman so faithfully reflect the movements of the planets? Were the moviemakers astrologers?


Odds are they knew nothing about astrology.

I say this because the same astrological timing is reflected in every movie ever made. It is reflected in every business venture ever started. It is reflected in every step in a person’s life.

What we make of our current circumstances depends on our understanding of why those circumstances are happening. Once we understand the astrological symbolism involved, a challenging time can reveal its gifts, and a successful time can be even more celebrated.

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