What the Stars Reveal About Donald Trump and Border Walls


            In 2019 we face one of the most difficult planetary alignments and one of the most positive planetary alignments.

            If you’re new to astrology know that these alignments simply reflect and help us understand situations we’ll be wrestling with here on Earth over the next year. Looking at these alignments is like looking at the headlines in the news for the year, before the year happens.

            We have a Saturn/Pluto alignment, which reflects a drive (Pluto) to put up boundaries (Saturn) and a resulting intense (Pluto) constriction (Saturn), all of which results from deep (Pluto) fear (Saturn).

            Simultaneously we have a Jupiter/Neptune alignment, which reflects a positive (Jupiter) sense of spiritual support (Neptune), the success (Jupiter) of hope (Neptune), and a breadth (Jupiter) of unifying faith and vision (Neptune). This alignment points toward a good attitude during difficult times.

            Here’s what to watch out for: since everything in life contains its opposite, the positive quality of Jupiter/Neptune can show up in negative ways.

            For instance, the breadth (Jupiter) of vision (Neptune) can also be translated into a sort of hypnotizing propaganda. Donald Trump’s hypnotizing campaign of propaganda that plays on the deep (Pluto) fears (Saturn), and the drive (Pluto) for boundaries (Saturn) of the American people would be an example of this.

            Similarly, the breadth (Jupiter) of vision (Neptune) can also show up as a castle (Jupiter) in the clouds (Neptune) quality that verges on insanity. The celebrated (Jupiter) vision (Neptune) of a powerful (Pluto) wall (Saturn) that will keep out bad influences is an example of such an unrealistic proposition.

            Much of the dynamic behind the drive to build a wall lies in the unconscious human desire to wall off unwanted parts of our own psyches. It is fear we wish to wall ourselves off from, so out of fear we build a wall and find ourselves trapped within our own fear.

            There is currently a person driving a truck around Washington, D.C. that is painted with slogans about how congress needs to immediately approve the wall because of all the danger lurking in the shadows. Here we have an inflated (Jupiter) vision (Neptune) of dangerous (Pluto) fear (Saturn) over too much expansive (Jupiter) openness (Neptune).

            I choose to take this year's two major alignments and do something different with them.

            For a change of perspective, consider this: the wall debate has caused a government shutdown that is powerfully (Pluto) constricting (Saturn) the financial status of federal workers. I know a Lyft driver in D.C. who now has less rides and less money because of the decrease in federal employees looking for rides. Other sectors of society are also feeling the pinch because federal employees cannot patronize their businesses. So the economic crunch spreads until it is close to our home, reminding us that we are all in this together. No one is separate.

            The challenges of our brothers and sisters are our own challenges.

            In this way deep (Pluto) fear (Saturn), a drive (Pluto) for boundaries (Saturn), and a powerful (Pluto) constriction (Saturn) are actually a catalyst for a broader (Jupiter) vision (Neptune) of inclusive (Jupiter) unity (Neptune) that is the true reality of our existence.


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