The World is Changing and You Need Guidance…Pronto

            It was a different world just ten years ago. Technology is accelerating. It’s like a new language evolving even faster than we can learn it.

            We need guidance, but not guidance in navigating rapidly evolving technology. We need guidance about how to stay connected, grounded and in tune with ourselves during this exciting time.

            Every day is a new day with new technology. But the world is not new. The world is ancient. This new phase of evolution is arising from the world’s own dna at just the time it is meant to. So, the technology may feel new to us, but it is just the new face of an ancient world. An ancient world that recently shed its old skin like a snake.

We become ungrounded when we feel things are out of place and that the timing is off. The speed at which technology is advancing may feel ungrounding at times. Yet the arrival of the technology itself signals that the reliable evolutionary timing of this planet is ticking away according to plan like a dependable old clock. When we get in touch with the rhythm of the planet’s pulse, we are like a child in the lap of its mother, lulled into relaxation and a feeling of union by the beat of the mother’s heart.

There is an ancient science and art of timing. It is called astrology. The practice involves looking at the timing and movement in the deep space outside us to understand timing and movement in the deep space within us.

The world is not just accelerating. It is deepening.

Can you feel it?

Understanding technology is not the problem. Understanding ourselves is. Every era has its own portal, its own challenge, its own gauntlet for humanity to rise to meet. The challenge of our era is to use technology to look deep into the space both outside us and inside us and to open our hearts to what we see there.

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