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We Are Our Stories, But They Are Not Us

Every single human life, no matter what the content, from the most trauma-filled to the most boring, is merely a story. Not only is every human life a story, but it is a story telling itself to itself; there is no fixed underlying main character in the story. This is the aspect of reality that allows every human life equal access to freedom. By freedom I do not mean a mundane freedom involving physical, political, and/or economic freedom. No. That is more story. I mean freedom from the past, freedom from trauma, regret, remorse, depression, anger, negativity, in short: freedom from suffering...

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To Dual or Not to Duel

Did I say nondual astrology or nonduel astrology? Well, nondual astrology is the art of looking at distant bodies in space to understand our innermost natures. Why would we look at something so distant in order to understand something as intimate to us as our own life? Because inner and outer are divisions that ultimately don't exist. When you gaze into the deep quiet of the inky black sky at night you are looking into the deep well of your own innermost being...

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