An Amazing Thing Happened to Me

I was on a walk taking care of an errand. It was a gorgeous day. Some tough times were behind me. I was experiencing a new level of positive engagement with life and a rush of gratitude for that very engagement with life. I was smiling. My path segued with a the path of a woman grinning so widely at me I thought she must have recognized me from somewhere. "It's just so gorgeous," she said. I knew exactly what she was talking about.

"Isn't it," I said. "I can hardly contain myself."

"I love this," she said, motioning to the world around her.

"Me too!"

"You know," she said. "Last year my husband was hit by a car and we went through a very hard time. But now we're coming out of it. I'm on my way to my therapist. I'm going to tell my therapist about all the things I'm grateful for."

"Yes!" I cheered.

"Convertible sports cars going fast with the top down," she said.


"Good tequila and dark chocolate."


"Standing up on a jet ski and..." she made a motion with her wrist for giving it gas but couldn't think of the word.

"I know what you mean!" Then I said, "Listen, judging by your energy right now, I believe you are right when you say things will be getting better."

"Thank you!" she replied. "Have a great day!"

"Oh, I know I will," I replied confidently. "You have a great day, too!" I said. In my head I added, "I know you will, too."

To me that spontaneous interaction with a stranger in the street was a gift given by life worth more than if a diamond had fallen on my head. Who other than the infinitely intelligent web we call life could have arranged such an invaluable synchronicity?