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What Totem Poles Can Teach Us About Hierarchy at Work

On a beautiful summer day in Victoria, British Columbia, I had a realization while standing in front of one of the tallest totem poles in the world.

            In a totem pole, each animal is sitting on another animal’s head, whether it be an eagle, a frog, a killer whale, or a human. The position on the head is important. In every animal on the totem pole, the head is the location of the most organs of the senses: eyes, ears, nose. And it is the location of the brain.

            When we look out through the eyes, for instance, we see every animal and person as essentially “on our head,” or in our brain. The title we give the animal or person. Whether we think they are nice, mean, ferocious, happy, inviting, cute, threatening. These are all traits that come from our heads. The animal is based on (read “sits on”) our own head…

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Our Careers Are Our Avenues for Life’s Highest Pleasures

Have you ever bought a brand new car and been so excited about it…for the first week? Have you ever cued up your favorite song and then realized that the song is over and you didn’t even enjoy it fully because your mind was somewhere else? Have you ever wondered why personal pleasure is great in theory but short-lived in practice?

            On the surface, reality certainly looks like its set up for us to achieve our pleasures, but the real story is very different. Individual pleasures are based on the assumption that we are just individuals. In actuality we are the totality of our experience and everyone in it…

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Have You Ever Made a Decision in Your Business That Just Didn’t Sit Right?

You couldn’t figure out why. All indications pointed to it being the right decision. Yet your gut was uneasy.

            Let me tell you a story about a client of mine. She was poised to grow her already thriving business even more. All the strategies were in place. The timing seemed right. Yet her gut was pointing her toward something else. She just didn’t know what that something else could be. We worked together using her astrological transit chart and found out that, for her, the season was ripe not for expansion, but for distilling down her offerings and specifying their fundamental essence. According to the astrological transit chart she was at a point in her career growth cycle in which she was meant to distill her work down to a potent kernel. From that kernal, in time, her business could grow to become an immovable oak tree.

            She felt such relief…

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Your Career is a Result of Your Life Story, Not Your Skill Set

Have you ever heard a qualified professional interpret a dream? The dream, which originally seemed like a nonsensical sequence of images, actually makes meaningful sense after hearing the interpretation.

            Your life and career follow the same principle: there is a storyline running beneath them. Once you hear that storyline you’ll understand not only where you have come from and why, but where you need to go from here forward…

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The World is Changing and You Need Guidance…Pronto

It was a different world just ten years ago. Technology is accelerating. It’s like a new language evolving even faster than we can learn it.

            We need guidance, but not guidance in navigating rapidly evolving technology. We need guidance about how to stay connected, grounded and in tune with ourselves during this exciting time.

            Every day is a new day with new technology. But the world is not new. The world is ancient. This new phase of evolution is arising from the world’s own dna at just the time it is meant to. So, the technology may feel new to us, but it is just the new face of an ancient world. An ancient world that recently shed its old skin like a snake…

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How to Turn the Economic Freefall to Your Advantage Using Astrology

What would happen if you loved to inhale and you hated to exhale? You would spend all your time inhaling and avoiding exhaling…and you would pop…and die.

Life is movement, and movement involves shifting between opposites: Up/down, forward/backward, expansion/contraction.  The economy is no different. It expands and contracts, just like our lungs. That’s what keeps us alive.

Not only does the movement between opposites keep us alive, it makes us thrive. With this in mind we can choose to see the upcoming economic crunch as an opportunity to thrive…

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The Reason Why You Are Weird

When we say that something is “weird,” what we are really saying is that we don’t understand it.

            This is where astrology comes in.

            Behavior that seems strange at the outset, even to the leading edge of western psychology, can be easily explained by understanding the astrological birth chart of the person involved.

            We humans are much more complex and fascinating than our popular culture allows. Sometimes we carry great contradictions within ourselves. This is because powerful archetypes inside of us are trying to reconcile their different energies. We have an entire universe inside ourselves. Just as there are powerful forces at play in the universe outside of us, there are also equally powerful forces at play within us…

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How to Channel Your Raw Sexual/Creative Energy Productively #GeorgeRRMartin #SelenaGomez #BruceSpringstein #FrankFrazetta #GordonRamsey #MarlonBrando

In our astrological birth chart our raw sexual/creative/destructive energy is reflected in where Pluto was when we were born.

In Greco/Roman mythology Pluto was the god of the underworld. In astrology Pluto symbolizes the power of our deep instincts.

The power that lies below the earth (in Pluto’s realm) is released through explosive volcanic eruptions.

Similarly, the powerful instincts that lie deep within us can erupt out of us in volcanic acts of creation, passion, or destruction.

That passion can be destructive or productive and creative depending on whether or not we know how to use it. We learn how to use it when we understand what Pluto was combined with when we were born, and thus we understand our own deeply personal passion power, and how to use it for good in our work…

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Are You Scattered? It May Be Your Gift #JoeRogan #AllessiaCara

Our biggest challenge in life is not troubling behaviors. Our biggest challenge in life is our lack of understanding of those troubling behaviors.

            Often in our most troubling behavior lies the most potent gift we have to give the world. The gift comes when we truly understand our behavior.

            For instance, say someone is scattered and all over the place. This is a common behavior pattern that can cause real damage to lives and relationships.

The multi-passionate side of themselves is a side they don’t yet understand. And this very side of themselves may harbor a unique strength that’s dying to find the right outlet…

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How to Turn Your Anger Into a Spiritual Path #WuTangClan #QuentinTarantino #KhabibNurmagomedov #MoriheiUeshiba #UmaThurman

When we understand the symbolic language of astrology we can gain so much clarity about our own behavior and how to transform our self-sabotaging behavior into our personal strength.

For example, in astrology the symbolism of Mars is associated with our ability to spring into action. Wars, arguments, fights, as well as bravery, assertiveness, and agency are all associated with Mars. The symbolism of Neptune involves all things that appear infinite, like the ocean and heaven.

When one is born with Mars and Neptune together we see Mars’ action-oriented tendency toward bravery and conflict combined with the water-like and spiritual qualities of Neptune…

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How Constraints May Help You Achieve Your Fullest Potential #Dr.Seuss #Beethoven

In astrology we have seemingly conflicting archetypes. For instance, Saturn represents constraints and limitations. Uranus represents freedom and liberation.

What happens if you were born when those two planets were aligned with each other? In other words, how would it play out in your life if constraints and limitations were combined with freedom and liberation?

Well, the people born with this combination often thrive in situations in which constraints are placed on their productivity. Paradoxically, their productivity increases because the constraint gives them a box and a structure within which they can play…

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Where Your Treasure Chest of Skills and Knowledge is Hiding Inside You #RollingStones #BrianJones

In astrology the archetype of Jupiter is associated with abundance, growth, breadth and success.

Where do you have a breadth of knowledge? Where do you have an abundance of skills? Where do you experience growth easily? Where do you experience success so easily that you might write it off?

Jupiter is somewhere in the birth chart of every person. The planets that it combines with in your birth chart say a lot about where a breadth of knowledge and skills are waiting to be recognized in your life…

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Your Inner Visionary Revealed #ElonMusk #JimHenson

We all have a visionary within.

All of us.

Just because your inner visionary does or does not conform to societal standards about what a visionary should be, doesn’t make your inner visionary any less important.

            For instance, maybe your inner visionary daydreams about fabulous interior design layouts.

Still an inner visionary…

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Your Inner Emotional Life and How You are Seen in the Public Eye Can Both be Understood by the Position of the Moon at Your Birth #MaisieWilliams #AryaStark #AlexandriaOcasioCortez #GameofThrones

The position of the Moon the moment you were born, particularly the other planets it was aligned with, reflects both how you subjectively emotionally perceive the world, and how the world subjectively sees you.

            In astrology the Moon symbolizes our individual emotional identity. It also symbolizes our collective emotional identity. When we, as a collective, “feel” a certain way about a person in the public eye, that way we feel about them can be seen reflected in the alignments with the Moon when they were born.

            For example, both actress Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark in the HBO series Game of Thrones, and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, were born when the Moon was aligned with Neptune…

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How to Use Astrology to Align Your Will and Your Emotions #conormcgregor #fullmoon #newmoon

Do you set out to fulfill your life’s purpose and find that your emotions have hijacked your efforts?

            The universe we see when we look up at the night sky actually reflects the universe that is within us. Where the Sun and Moon were on the moment you were born reflects the relationship between your will (Sun) and your emotions (Moon).

            If you were born on a new or full Moon, for instance, your will and emotions are combined in a tense relationship. You may set out to consciously accomplish something through your will (Sun) and find that your emotions (Moon) side-track you.

            The lesson here is that people born with the Sun and Moon in a tense alignment actually need to integrate the caring, nurturing emotion-focused quality of the Moon into their conscious will…

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Is Life Aggressively Beating You Over the Head? Your Astrological Birth Chart Teaches You How to Quickly Turn that Dynamic Around #BrieLarson #Avengers #CaptainMarvel

When life seems to want to actively punish you, it is actually trying to strengthen you.

            According to astrology, the universe outside us reflects the universe within us. When the planets Mars and Saturn align in a tense angle in the sky, the alignment reflects that burdens, responsibilities, and reality checks (Saturn) are aggressively active (Mars). If you were born during this sort of alignment this theme is present throughout your whole life.

            What life is actually doing is trying to forge out of you a responsible (Saturn) warrior (Mars) with a bravely (Mars) self-possessed authority (Saturn)…

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Do Your Emotions Undermine Your Ability to Communicate Clearly? Here’s How to Align Your Emotions and Your Communication.

Are you frustrated that your message isn’t coming across? You try to communicate clearly, yet you go into a downward spiral in which the same emotions you want to communicate end up tripping you up.

The trick to communicating your emotions clearly and effectively lies in understanding your unique communication style.

In astrology communication, speech and thought are associated with Mercury. The emotions, childhood, family and home are associated with the Moon…

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Why Annoying People Can Be Good For Your Productivity

Those who were born with the Moon and Mars in alignment often play an interesting role in life: they bother us.

            In your astrological birth chart the Moon symbolizes your emotional identity. It reveals where we are emotionally comfortable and says a lot about the ways in which we emotionally bond with others…

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